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This template is to insert in law firm pages and provide basic information at a glance.


Copy and paste the text from the box below into the top of a law firm article. Fill in the data to the right of the equals sign.

{{Infobox Law Firm
| logo                        = 
| headquarters                = 
| num_offices                 = 
| offices                     = 
| num_attorneys               = 
| num_employees               = 
| practice_areas              = 
| established                 = 
| key_people                  = 
| revenue                     = 
| profit_per_equity_partner   = 
| billable_hours              = 
| website                     = 
| nalp_profile                = 
| nickname                    = 

Description of fields

Field Description
logo If an identifying logo is used by the firm, include it in this parameter, like this: [[Image:Example.jpg|200px]].
headquarters City where the firm's headquarters are located. Input as "City; State" (separated by a semicolon).
num_offices Number of offices that the firm has.
offices Cities where the firm has offices. If multiple, separate each by asterisk. For each location, input as City; State (separated by a semicolon).
num_attorneys Number of attorneys at the firm.
num_employees Total number of employees at the firm.
practice_areas Major practice areas of the firm. If multiple, separate each by asterisk.
established The year the firm was established.
key_people Officers and chairpeople-- not every famous lawyer in the firm. If multiple, separate each by asterisk. For each key person, input the person's name and title/position, separated by a semicolon.
revenue Amount per year, in US Dollars.
profit_per_equity_partner Amount per year, in US Dollars.
billable_hours The firm's annual billable hours expectation.
website URL of the law firm's website.
nalp_profile Link to NALP profile for the firm (go to https://www.nalpdirectory.com/ and search for the law firm profile page --use that link for this information field. It should appear like the following URL: https://www.nalpdirectory.com/employer_profile?FormID=##. For multi-office firms, enter the link to the "firmwide" profile.
nickname The firm's nickname, to be used as a shorthand reference to identify the firm.