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Professors at University of Chicago Law School

NameCourses Taught
Daniel AbebeChicago Abebe Legal Issues in International Transactions
Chicago Abebe Foreign Relations Law
Chicago Abebe Greenberg Seminar: Race and Place in Chicago
Chicago Abebe International Trade Law
Chicago Abebe Workshop: International and Comparative Law
Russell AinsworthChicago Ainsworth Exoneration Project Clinic
Albert W. AlschulerChicago Alschuler Criminal Procedure
Chicago Alschuler Criminal Justice
Barry AlbertsChicago Alberts Legal Profession
Joseph AlesiaChicago Alesia Ethical Quandaries in Legal Practice
Douglas G. BairdChicago Baird Contracts
Chicago Baird Corporate Reorganizations
Chicago Baird Major Corporate Transactions: Legal and Business Issues
Chicago Baird Secured Transactions
Omri Ben-ShaharChicago Ben-Shahar Consumer Law
Chicago Ben-Shahar Contracts
Chicago Ben-Shahar Food Law
Chicago Ben-Shahar Insurance Law
Anya BernsteinChicago Bernstein Legal Research and Writing
Chicago Bernstein Topics in Chinese Law
Lisa BernsteinChicago Bernstein Advanced Contracts: Sales, a Practice Oriented Approach
Chicago Bernstein Contract Law for LLM Students
Chicago Bernstein Workshop: Legal Scholarship
Jack BierigChicago Bierig Food and Drug Law
Alexander Boni-SaenzChicago Boni-Saenz Advanced Topics in Family Law
Chicago Boni-Saenz Legal Research and Writing
Vincent BuccolaChicago Buccola Legal Research and Writing
Emily BussChicago Buss Civil Procedure I
Chicago Buss Court Reform in the Juvenile Justice System
Chicago Buss Family Law
Chicago Buss Greenberg Seminar: Can You Have It All?
Chicago Buss Parent, Child, and the State
Anthony CaseyChicago Casey Bankruptcy and Reorganization: The Federal Bankruptcy Code
Chicago Casey Business Organizations
Chicago Casey Civil Procedure II
Chicago Casey Law and the Theory of the Firm
Erin CaseyChicago Casey Closing a Deal: Structuring and Documentation of a Secured Loan Transaction
Chicago Casey Secured Lender Remedies and Workout Transactions
William ChandlerChicago Chandler Problems in Corporate Law
Dennis ChookaszianChicago Chookaszian Corporate Management and Decisionmaking
James A. ClarkChicago Clark Litigation Laboratory
James E. ClarkChicago Clark Professional Responsibility in the Real World
Zachary CloptonChicago Clopton International Complex Litigation
Justin CoatesChicago Coates Workshop: Law and Philosophy
Thomas ColeChicago Cole Corporate Governance
Herschella G. ConyersChicago Conyers Criminal and Juvenile Justice Project Clinic
Chicago Conyers Intensive Trial Practice Workshop
Chicago Conyers Life in the Law
Chicago Conyers Post Incarceration Reentry Clinic
Alan D'AmbrosioChicago D'Ambrosio International Arbitration
Jane DaileyChicago Dailey Greenberg Seminar: The Life and Times of the Warren Court (1954-1968)
Kenneth W. DamChicago Dam International Finance
Scott DavisChicago Davis Buyouts
Chicago Davis Mergers and Acquisitions
Chad J. DoellingerChicago Doellinger Advanced Trademarks and Unfair Competition
Elizabeth DuquetteChicago Duquette Advanced Legal Writing
Chicago Duquette Writing and Research in the US Legal System
Tom DuttonChicago Dutton Trial Advocacy
Frank H. EasterbrookChicago Easterbrook Legal Interpretation
Chicago Easterbrook Workshop: Judicial Behavior
Lee EpsteinChicago Epstein Workshop: Judicial Behavior
Richard A. EpsteinChicago Epstein Criminal Procedure I: The Investigative Process
Chicago Epstein Roman Law
David EvansChicago Evans Competition Policy in the European Community
Lee FennellChicago Fennell Land Use
Chicago Fennell Torts
Mark FennellChicago Fennell Private Equity Transactions: Issues and Documentation
Daniel R. FischelChicago Fischel The Law and Economics of White Collar Crime
Jim FoormanChicago Foorman Evolving Regulation of Financial Institutions and Markets
Roger FordChicago Ford Legal Research and Writing
Elizabeth FrankelChicago Frankel Immigration Law
Chicago Frankel Young Center Immigrant Child Advocacy Clinic
Michael FriedmanChicago Friedman Intellectual Property-based Finance and Investment
Craig B. FuttermanChicago Futterman Civil Rights Clinic: Police Accountability
Chicago Futterman Intensive Trial Practice Workshop
Thomas GeselbrachtChicago Geselbracht Law and Practice of Zoning, Land Use, and Eminent Domain
Tom GinsburgChicago Ginsburg Comparative Constitutional Design
Chicago Ginsburg Comparative Legal Institutions
Chicago Ginsburg International Human Rights
Chicago Ginsburg Workshop: International and Comparative Law
William C. GoldenChicago Golden Non-Profit Organizations
Bernard E. HarcourtChicago Harcourt Criminal Justice
Chicago Harcourt Criminal Procedure
Chicago Harcourt Criminal Law
Chicago Harcourt Law and Political Thought: Punishment
Chicago Harcourt Workshop: Public Law and Legal Theory
Teresa Wilton HarmonChicago Harmon Professional Responsibility in the Real World
Robert A. HelmanChicago Helman Developing Law Practice Skills through the Study of National Security Issues
R. H. HelmholzChicago Helmholz Oil and Gas Law
Chicago Helmholz Property
Howard HelsingerChicago Helsinger Trusts and Estates