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Professors at Stanford Law School

NameCourses Taught
A. Mitchell PolinskyEconomic Analysis of Law
Law and Economics Seminar
Alan O. SykesInternational Trade Regulation
Law, Economics and Politics of International Trade
Social Science and International Institutions
Alison D. MorantzContracts
Employment Law
Allen S. WeinerInternational Conflict Resolution Colloquium
International Conflict: Management and Resolution
International Law
Amalia D. KesslerCivil Procedure
Comparative Law
Legal History Workshop
Legal Studies Workshop
Barbara Allen BabcockCriminal Procedure
Barbara Babcock
Barbara H. FriedContracts
Legal Studies Workshop
Modern American Legal Thought
Taxation I
Barbara van SchewickCommunications Law: Broadcast and Cable Television
Communications Law: Internet and Telephony
Intellectual Property Advanced Topics: The Future of Online Music and Online Video
Barton H. "Buzz" Thompson, Jr.Environment and Energy Workshop
Water Law and Policy
Dan ReicherClean Tech: Business Fundamentals and Public Policy
Climate and Energy Seminar
Daniel E. HoAdministrative Law
Statistical Inference in Law
Daniel P. KesslerHealth Care Regulation, Finance and Policy
Tax Policy
David Freeman EngstromAdministrative Law
David W. MillsWhite Collar Crime
David William MillsCriminal Justice
Deborah A. SivasAdvanced Environmental Law Clinic
California Coast: Science, Policy and Law
Environment and Energy Workshop
Environmental Law Clinic
Deborah L. RhodeLeadership
Legal Ethics
Deborah R. HenslerJSD Research Colloquium
Legal Profession Workshop: The Future of Large Law Firms
SPILS Research Methods Workshop
Erik G. JensenState-Building and the Rule of Law Workshop
State-Building and the Rule of Law Workshop: Advanced (ALEP)
State-Building and the Rule of Law Workshop: Advanced (KLEP)
State-Building and the Rule of Law Workshop: Advanced (TLLEP)
F. Daniel SicilianoQuantitative Methods: Finance
Venture Capital
G. Marcus ColeBankruptcy
Intellectual Property: Commercial Law
Law and Public Policy Colloquium
George FisherCriminal Prosecution Clinic
George TriantisBankruptcy
Principles of Contract Design
Secured Credit
Gerhard Casper
Hank GreelyContracts
FDA's Regulation of Health Care
Health Law & Policy I
Health Law & Policy II
Law and Biosciences
Law and the Biosciences: Genetics
James Cavallaro
Jane S. SchacterConstitutional Law I
Constitutional Law II: The Fourteenth Amendment
Sexual Orientation and the Law
Janet Cooper AlexanderCivil Jury
Federal Courts
Multi-Party Litigation
Janet MartinezAlternate Dispute Resolution: Externship
Alternate Dispute Resolution: Law, Practice, and Policy
Dispute Systems Design
Jay A. MitchellOrganizations and Transactions Clinic
Jayashri SrikantiahImmigrants' Rights Clinic
Immigrants' Rights Clinic: Advanced
Jeff StrnadBayesian Statistics and Econometrics
Econometrics: Mathematical Methods
Foundations of Statistical Inference
Jeffrey L. FisherSupreme Court Litigation Clinic
Jenny S. MartinezCivil Procedure
Constitutional Law I
Foreign Affairs and the Constitution
International Human Rights
Joan PetersiliaAdvanced Criminal Law and Public Policy: A Research Practicum
Juvenile Crime, Juvenile Justice, and Social Policy
Mass Incarceration and Its Effects
Sentencing, Corrections, and Criminal Justice Policy
John Henry MerrymanArt and the Law
John J. Donohue III
Joseph A. GrundfestCapital Markets I
Capital Markets II
Role of the Modern General Counsel
Venture Capital
Joseph BankmanCorporate Income Taxation
Current Issues in Tax Policy
Legal Studies Workshop
Tax Policy
Taxation I
Joshua CohenDesigning Liberation Technologies
Juliet M. BrodieCommunity Law Clinic
Community Law Clinic: Advanced
Kathleen M. SullivanConstitutional Law I
Constitutional Law II: The Fourteenth Amendment
Kenneth E. Scott
Lance E. Dickson
Larry KramerLegal Studies Workshop
Lawrence C. MarshallCivil Procedure
Criminal Defense Clinic
Supreme Court Simulation Seminar
Lawrence M. FriedmanHistory of American Law
SPILS Law and Society Seminar
Marc A. Franklin
Margaret "Meg" CaldwellCalifornia Coast: Science, Policy and Law
Environment and Energy Workshop
Land Use