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Professors at Stanford Law School

NameCourses Taught
Janet Cooper AlexanderStanford Alexander Civil Jury
Stanford Alexander Federal Courts
Stanford Alexander Multi-Party Litigation
Barbara Babcock
Joseph BankmanStanford Bankman Corporate Income Taxation
Stanford Bankman Current Issues in Tax Policy
Stanford Bankman Legal Studies Workshop
Stanford Bankman Tax Policy
Stanford Bankman Taxation I
Ralph Richard BanksStanford Banks Constitutional Law II: The Fourteenth Amendment
Stanford Banks Employment Discrimination
Stanford Banks Equal Protection and Antidiscrimination Law
Stanford Banks Family Law
Barbara Allen BabcockStanford Babcock Criminal Procedure
Paul BrestStanford Brest Judgment and Decision-Making
Juliet M. BrodieStanford Brodie Community Law Clinic
Stanford Brodie Community Law Clinic: Advanced
Margaret "Meg" CaldwellStanford Caldwell California Coast: Science, Policy and Law
Stanford Caldwell Environment and Energy Workshop
Stanford Caldwell Land Use
Gerhard Casper
James Cavallaro
Joshua CohenStanford Cohen Designing Liberation Technologies
William Cohen
G. Marcus ColeStanford Cole Bankruptcy
Stanford Cole Contracts
Stanford Cole Intellectual Property: Commercial Law
Stanford Cole Law and Public Policy Colloquium
Richard CraswellStanford Craswell Contracts
Stanford Craswell Secured Credit
Mariano-Florentino CuéllarStanford Cuéllar Administrative Law
Stanford Cuéllar Criminal Law
Stanford Cuéllar Executive Power
Stanford Cuéllar History and Future of Citizenship and the State
Stanford Cuéllar International Criminal Law
Stanford Cuéllar Legal Studies Workshop
Stanford Cuéllar Legislation
Robert M. DainesStanford Daines Corporations
Michele Landis DauberStanford Dauber Economic and Social Organization of the Legal Profession
Stanford Dauber Sociology of Law
David William MillsStanford Mills Criminal Justice
Lance E. Dickson
John J. Donohue III
David Freeman EngstromStanford Engstrom Administrative Law
Nora Freeman EngstromStanford Engstrom The Plaintiffs' Lawyer: Institutional Constraints and Ethical Challenges
Stanford Engstrom Torts
George FisherStanford Fisher Criminal Procedure
Stanford Fisher Criminal Prosecution Clinic
Stanford Fisher Evidence
Jeffrey L. FisherStanford Fisher Supreme Court Litigation Clinic
Richard Thompson FordStanford Ford Critical Theory
Stanford Ford Employment Discrimination
Stanford Ford Local Government Law
Marc A. Franklin
Barbara H. FriedStanford Fried Contracts
Stanford Fried Legal Studies Workshop
Stanford Fried Modern American Legal Thought
Stanford Fried Taxation I
Lawrence M. FriedmanStanford Friedman Criminal Justice
Stanford Friedman History of American Law
Stanford Friedman SPILS Law and Society Seminar
Paul GoldsteinStanford Goldstein Intellectual Property Advanced Topics: The Future of Online Music and Online Video
Stanford Goldstein Intellectual Property: Copyright
Stanford Goldstein International Intellectual Property
William B. Gould IVStanford Gould Labor Law
Hank GreelyStanford Greely Contracts
Stanford Greely FDA's Regulation of Health Care
Stanford Greely Health Law & Policy I
Stanford Greely Health Law & Policy II
Stanford Greely Law and Biosciences
Stanford Greely Law and the Biosciences: Genetics
Thomas C. GreyStanford Grey Torts
Joseph A. GrundfestStanford Grundfest Capital Markets I
Stanford Grundfest Capital Markets II
Stanford Grundfest Role of the Modern General Counsel
Stanford Grundfest Venture Capital
Thomas C. HellerStanford Heller Climate Change Workshop
Stanford Heller Introduction to Organizational Behavior
Deborah R. HenslerStanford Hensler JSD Research Colloquium
Stanford Hensler Legal Profession Workshop: The Future of Large Law Firms
Stanford Hensler SPILS Research Methods Workshop
Daniel E. HoStanford Ho Administrative Law
Stanford Ho Statistical Inference in Law
Erik G. JensenStanford Jensen State-Building and the Rule of Law Workshop
Stanford Jensen State-Building and the Rule of Law Workshop: Advanced (ALEP)
Stanford Jensen State-Building and the Rule of Law Workshop: Advanced (KLEP)
Stanford Jensen State-Building and the Rule of Law Workshop: Advanced (TLLEP)
Pamela S. KarlanStanford Karlan Criminal Procedure
Stanford Karlan Constitutional Law I
Stanford Karlan Constitutional Litigation
Stanford Karlan Regulation of the Political Process
Stanford Karlan Supreme Court Litigation Clinic
Mark G. KelmanStanford Kelman Criminal Law
Stanford Kelman Property
Amalia D. KesslerStanford Kessler Civil Procedure
Stanford Kessler Comparative Law
Stanford Kessler Legal History Workshop
Stanford Kessler Legal Studies Workshop
Daniel P. KesslerStanford Kessler Health Care Regulation, Finance and Policy
Stanford Kessler Tax Policy
Michael KlausnerStanford Klausner Deals
Stanford Klausner Financial Crisis and the Regulation of Financial Institutions
William KoskiStanford Koski Law, Litigation, and Educational Policy
Stanford Koski Youth and Education Law Project
Stanford Koski Youth and Education Law Project: Advanced
Larry KramerStanford Kramer Legal Studies Workshop
Mark A. LemleyStanford Lemley Introduction to Intellectual Property
Miguel A. MéndezStanford Méndez Criminal Law
Stanford Méndez Evidence
Mariano-Florentino CuellarStanford Cuellar Criminal Justice
Mark Gregory KelmanStanford Kelman Criminal Justice
Lawrence C. MarshallStanford Marshall Civil Procedure
Stanford Marshall Criminal Defense Clinic
Stanford Marshall Supreme Court Simulation Seminar
Janet MartinezStanford Martinez Alternate Dispute Resolution: Externship
Stanford Martinez Alternate Dispute Resolution: Law, Practice, and Policy
Stanford Martinez Dispute Systems Design
Stanford Martinez Negotiation