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Professors at Harvard Law School

NameCourses Taught
Adriaan LanniTopics in Ancient Law
Adrian VermeulePublic Law Workshop
Akiba J. Covitz
Alain-Laurent Verbeke
Alan A. Stone
Alan M. DershowitzLegal Profession: Ethics and Tactics in Criminal Law
Albert Herring
Alex Whiting
Allen FerrellSecurities Litigation
Securities Regulation
Alvin C. WarrenTaxation
Taxation of Business Corporations
Amartya Sen
Ameek Ashok Ponda
Amy Howe
Andrew D. Bradt
Andrew K. Woods
Andrew L. KaufmanCommercial Law: Secured Transactions
Legal Profession
Annette Gordon-ReedLegal Profession
Ashish NandaLeadership in Law Firms
Avlana Eisenberg
Bala DharanFinancial Statement Analysis and Valuation
Introduction to Accounting and Corporate Financial Reports
Pre-Term Quick Look at Corporate Finance and Accounting Concepts
Benjamin RoinPatent Law
Benjamin SachsEmployment Law
Labor Law
Beth Simmons
Bonnie Docherty
Brett A. KavanaughSeparation of Powers
Brian K. Price
Bruce H. Mann
Bruce L. HayCivil Procedure Advanced: Topics in American Civil Justice
Conflict of Laws
Insurance Law
Carol Ball
Carol SteikerCapital Punishment in America
Charles DonahueLegal History: Continental Legal History
Charles FriedConstitutional Law: Separation of Powers, Federalism, and Fourteenth Amendment
Charles J. OgletreeRace and Justice: The Wire
Remaking America's Urban Cities
Trial Advocacy Workshop
Charles R. NessonEvidence
Chibli Mallat
Christine Desan
Christopher P. TaggartContracts for LLMs
Introduction to American Law (An)
Christopher T. Bavitz
D. James GreinerExpert Witnesses
Dale CendaliCopyright and Trademark Litigation: TRO to the Supreme Court
Dan M. Kahan
Dani Rodrik
Daniel J. MeltzerFederal Courts and the Federal System
Daniel NaginAccess to Justice Clinical Seminar: Benefits Advocacy and Estate Planning for Persons with Disabilities, Veterans, and Families
Daniel R. Coquillette
Daniel S. Tan
David A. HoffmanMediation
David B. WilkinsLegal Profession
David Barron
David CopeAnalytical Methods for Lawyers
Fundamentals of Statistical Analysis