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Professors at Harvard Law School

NameCourses Taught
William P. AlfordHLS Alford International Law Workshop
Robert AndersonHLS Anderson Natural Resources Law
William D. Andrews
Deborah AnkerHLS Anker Immigration Law: Policy and Social Change
Fionnuala Ni AolainHLS Aolain European Union Law
Sabrineh Ardalan
Carol Ball
Mark BarnesHLS Barnes Health Law
HLS Barnes Law and Policy of Federal Funding Flows
David Barron
Elizabeth BartholetHLS Bartholet Art of Social Change: Child Welfare, Education and Juvenile Justice (The)
HLS Bartholet Employment Discrimination
Christopher T. Bavitz
Lucian A. BebchukHLS Bebchuk Corporate and Capital Markets Law and Policy
Mark D. BeckettHLS Beckett International Commercial Arbitration
Hanina Ben-Menahem
Yochai BenklerHLS Benkler Communications and Internet Law and Policy
Roger Bertling
Jacqueline BhabhaHLS Bhabha Children, Youth and International Human Rights
Victoria B. BjorklundHLS Bjorklund Law of Nonprofit Organizations (The)
Gabriella BlumHLS Blum Laws of War
Robert C. BordoneHLS Bordone Negotiation Workshop
Gary B. Born
Michael Boudin
Andrew D. Bradt
Scott BrewerHLS Brewer Evidence
HLS Brewer The Fulfilled Life and Life of the Law
Stephanie Brewer
Rachel Brewster
James L. Bromley
Stuart N. BrotmanHLS Brotman Entertainment and Media Law
Tomiko Brown-NaginHLS Brown-Nagin Constitutional Law: Separation of Powers, Federalism, and Fourteenth Amendment
Victor Brudney
Jessica Budnitz
Herbert Burkert
Philip BurlingHLS Burling Legal Writing: Advanced
Esme Caramello
Peter CarfagnaHLS Carfagna Sports Law: Advanced Contract Drafting
HLS Carfagna Sports and the Law: Examining the Legal History and Evolution of America's Three "Major League" Sports: MLB, NFL and NBA
HLS Carfagna Sports and the Law: Representing the Professional Athlete
Dale CendaliHLS Cendali Copyright and Trademark Litigation: TRO to the Supreme Court
Martha Chamallas
Norm Champ
Seung Wha Chang
Jeanne CharnHLS Charn Legal Profession: Delivery of Legal Services
Steve Churchill
Robert C. ClarkHLS Clark Corporations
HLS Clark Mergers, Acquisitions, and Split-Ups
Jesse Clarke
Richard W. ClaryHLS Clary Complex Litigation
Travis Coan
John C. CoatesHLS Coates Corporations
HLS Coates Mergers and Acquisitions Law
Michael Coenen
I. Glenn Cohen
Rebecca Richman Cohen
Susan Cole