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Property:Has title

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This property is a string representing a person's title(s) or position(s) (e.g. "Professor of Law", "CEO").


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A. Christopher Bryant +Associate Professor of Law  +
A. Mitchell Polinsky +Josephine Scott Crocker Professor of Law and Economics  +
A. Morgan Cloud, III. +Charles Howard Candler Professor of Law  +
A. Rachel Camp +Visiting Associate Professor of Law  +
A. Samuel Oddi +Giles Sutherland Rich Professor of Intellectual Property  +
A.W. Brian Simpson +Charles F. and Edith J. Clyne Professor of Law  +
Aaron Daniel Simowitz +Acting Assistant Professor of Lawyering  +
Aaron J. Rappaport +Professor of Law  +
Aaron J. Velli +Partner, Business department, Cooley LLP, Adjunct Professor of Law  +
Aaron S. Condon +Professor of Law  +
Abbe David Lowell +Partner, Chadbourne & Parke LLP, Adjunct Professor of Law  +
Abbe R. Gluck +Associate Professor of Law and Milton Handler Fellow  +
Abbe Smith +Director, Criminal Defense and Prisoner Advocacy Clinic  +, Professor of Law  +
Abdullahi Ahmed An-Na'Im +Charles Howard Candler Professor of Law  +, Fellow, Emory University Law and Religion Program  +
Abe Krash +Distinguished Visitor from Practice  +
Abner S. Greene +Professor of Law  +
Abraham A. Dash +Professor of Law  +
Abraham Abramovsky +Professor of Law  +
Abraham L. Wickelgren +Bernard J. Ward Professor in Law  +
Abraham S. Goldstein +Sterling Professor of Law  +
Ada Hammond +Assistant Professor of Professional Skills  +
Adam B. Cox +Professor of Law  +
Adam C. Pritchard +Frances and George Skestos Professor of Law  +
Adam G. Ciongoli +Lecturer-in-Law  +
Adam H. Kurland +Professor of Law  +