Dallas Cowboys Football Club v. Harris

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Dallas Cowboys Football Club v. Harris
Court Court of Civil Appeals of Texas, Dallas
Citation 348 S.W.2d 37 (1961)
Date decided 1961


Defendant, Harris, contracted with the LA Rams to play football for one year, and the contract stated an option to renew by the Rams. The Rams traded the rights to Harris to the Dallas Cowboys after the first year he played for the Rams. Harris then took a year off and coached football at Oklahoma U. Then he entered into a contract with the Dallas Texans, to which the Cowboys sought an injunction.

Procedural History

Temporary injunction, to which Harris appeals.


Whether Harris’s skills and knowledge of football is unique enough to allow an injunction thereby enforcing his contract with the Cowboys.


Injunction affirmed.


Testimony showed that Harris did possess special, exceptional and unique knowledge of football, and it would have been impossible to replace him because the same service could not be easily obtained by other, so an injunction is a proper remedy of law.'