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USC Law School

The University of Southern California Law School (Gould School of Law), located in Los Angeles, California, is a graduate school within the University of Southern California. The oldest law school in the Southwestern United States, USC Law had its beginnings in 1896, and was officially established as a school of the university in 1904. It currently has about 630 J.D. students (210 per year), and also has a growing LL.M. program of about 90 students. Law School 100, a ranking scheme that purports to use qualitative criteria instead of quantitative, ranks the law school fourteenth overall, tied with Duke, UCLA, and the University of Texas. The 2008 U.S. News & World Report list of "America's Best Graduate Schools" ranks USC Law School at number sixteen.

USC Law publishes three academic journals: Southern California Law Review, Interdisciplinary Law Journal, and Southern California Review of Law and Social Justice (formerly the Review of Law and Women's Studies).

Deans[edit | edit source]

  • Frank M. Porter, 1904-1927
  • Justin Miller, 1927-1930
  • William G. Hale, 1930-1948
  • Shelden Elliott, 1948-1952
  • Robert Kingsley, 1952-1963
  • Orrin B. Evans, 1963-1968
  • Dorothy W. Nelson, 1968-1980
  • Scott H. Bice, 1980-2000
  • Matthew L. Spitzer, 2000-2006
  • Edward J. McCaffery (interim dean), 2006-2007
  • Robert K. Rasmussen, 2007-present

Notable faculty[edit | edit source]

  • Susan Estrich - Professor of Law and Political Science. A Fox News commentator, Professor Estrich is frequently asked to comment on political interest stories. As an author, most recently, she has published The Case for Hillary Clinton, 2005, and Soulless: The Right Wing Church of Hate, 2006. Estrich is a woman of firsts; she was the first woman to become Editor in Chief of the Harvard Law Review, the youngest woman to receive tenure from Harvard Law School (before leaving to teach at USC), and the only woman to ever run a Presidential campaign (Dukakis, 1988).
  • Elizabeth Garrett - appointed to President Bush's Advisory Panel on Federal Tax Reform; USC Vice Provost, and Provost of Academic Affairs, Professor of Public Interest Law, Legal Ethics, Political Science, and Policy, Planning and Development

Additional current faculty[edit | edit source]

  • Jody Armour - specializes in race issues; author of Negrophobia and Reasonable Racism
  • Alexander Capron - specializes in law and medicine
  • George Lefcoe - Real Estate expert. Author of the widely used, "Real Estate Transactions" textbook.
  • Edward McCaffery - Tax expert
  • Charles Whitebread - lecturer for BarBri; author of The Eight Secrets of Top Exam Performance in Law School

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