Template:Infobox User

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This is the "Infobox User" template. It should be called in the following format:

{{Infobox User
| username                   = 
| image                      = 
| gender                     = 
| birthdate                  = 
| law_school                 = 
| law_firm                   = 
| law_firm_role              = 
| real_name                  = 
| home_city                  = 
| home_state                 = 
| home_country               = 
| current_status             = 
| current_courses_studying   = 
| courses_taught             = 
| graduation_year            = 
| states_admitted            = 
| practice_areas             = 

Description of fields

Field Description
username Your username.
image A picture of you. Include it like this: [[Image:Example.jpg]]. If the image is much wider than 200px, please limit it like this: [[Image:Example.jpg|200px]].
gender Your gender.
birthdate Your birthdate formatted as MM-DD-YYYY (you can provide just the year--or nothing at all, of course).
law_school The name of the school you are currently attending, you did attend, you will attend, or you are otherwise currently affiliated with. Please try to use the same formatting as on each law school page to ensure uniformity.
law_firm Current law firm where you are employed
law_firm_role Current position at your law firm (associate, partner, of counsel, retired)
real_name Your real name, should you choose to disclose it.
home_city Where are you from?
home_state Where are you from?
home_country Where are you from?
current_status Whether you are pre-law, 1L, 2L, 3L, law graduate, practicing attorney, law professor, judge.
current_courses_studying If law student, what courses you are currently enrolled in. If you are a professor, what courses you are currently teaching. Separate each by comma.
courses_taught If law professor, what courses do you teach? Separate each by comma.
graduation_year What year did/will you graduate from law school?
states_admitted Jurisdiction(s) where you are currently licensed to practice. For uniformity, please do not abbreviate--e.g. District of Columbia. Separate each by comma.
practice_areas If practicing attorney, your areas of practice. Separate each by comma.