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This template is for case briefs that are keyed to cases presented in a specific casebook.


Copy and paste the text from the box below into the top of a case brief page. Fill in the data to the right of the equals sign.

See also Template:Infobox Case Brief.

{{Infobox Case Brief
| casebook              =
| subject               =
| facts                 =
| procedural_history    =	
| issues                =
| arguments             =
| holding               =
| judgment              =
| reasons               =
| rule                  =
| comments              =

Description of fields[edit]

Field Description
casebook A reference to the relevant casebook, by identifying the text-specific outline for the casebook, which should take the following form: [subject] [last name of the first listed author].
subject The subject and field of law to which the case pertains.
facts Facts of the case
procedural_history Procedural History of the case
issues Issues of the case
arguments Arguments made by the parties
holding Holding of the case
judgment Judgment of the case
reasons Reasons
rule Rule(s) applied or formulated in the case
comments Comments related to the case