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This template is to insert authorship information about an individual court opinion part (majority, concurrence, etc.) into case briefs.


Copy and paste the text from the box below into a case brief page within the case brief infobox template to the right of |Court_opinion_parts=. Each opinion part should have its own box on the case brief page. This box can be repeated as many times as needed.

Fill in the data to the right of the equals sign.

{{Court opinion part
| opinion_type          = <!-- "majority," "plurality," "unanimous," "concurrence," "dissent," OR "concur/dissent" -->
| written_by            = 
| joined_by             =  

Description of fields[edit]

Field Description
opinion_type One of "majority," "plurality," "unanimous," "concurrence," "dissent," OR "concur/dissent."
written_by The justice who wrote this opinion part.
joined_by The justices who joined the decision. If multiple, separate by asterisk. If the decision was unanimous, simply leave blank.