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Professors at Yale Law School

NameCourses Taught
Abraham S. GoldsteinYale Goldstein Criminal Justice
Yale Goldstein Criminal Procedure
Adam S. Cohen
Akhil Reed AmarYale Amar Criminal Procedure
Alex A. KnoppYale Knopp The Education and Adequacy Project
Alice Miller
Allyson McKinney
Andrew J. PincusYale Pincus Supreme Court Advocacy
Andrew VersteinYale Verstein Chirelstein Colloquium on Contemporary Issues in Law and Business
Anika Singh LemarYale Lemar Community and Economic Development
Anjali Dalal
Annie LaiYale Lai Worker & Immigrant Rights Advocacy Clinic
Anthony T. KronmanYale Kronman Contracts
Yale Kronman From Natural Law to Natural Right
Yale Kronman Hobbes, Spinoza, and the Enlightenment Critique of Religion
Yale Kronman Kant: Moral, Legal, and Theological Writings
Yale Kronman Law and Religion
Barbara B. LindsayYale Lindsay Nonprofit Organizations Clinic
Yale Lindsay Nonprofit Institutions
Barbara Marcus
Barry R. Schaller
Benjamin HeinemanYale Heineman Challenges of a General Counsel
Braxton McKee
Brett CohenYale Cohen Hedge Funds and the Law
Brett M. KavanaughYale Kavanaugh National Security & Foreign Relations Law
Bryan Choi
Cameron C. StaplesYale Staples Legislative Advocacy Clinic
Cantwell F. Muckenfuss IIIYale Muckenfuss Community Development Financial Institutions
Carroll L. LuchtYale Lucht Advanced Immigration Legal Services Clinic
Yale Lucht Advocacy for Detained Refugees
Yale Lucht Advanced Community Lawyering
Yale Lucht Community Lawyering Clinic
Yale Lucht Immigration Legal Services
Charles A. RothfeldYale Rothfeld Supreme Court Advocacy
Charles NathanYale Nathan Mergers and Acquisitions Seminar
Christina M. Mulligan
Christina O. Spiesel
Claudia M. Landeo
Cynthia CarrYale Carr Doing Good in Developing Countries: NGOs, Humanitarian Commitments, and American Foreign Policy
Daniel J. FreedYale Freed Criminal Justice
Yale Freed Criminal Procedure
Daniel MarkovitsYale Markovits Contracts
Yale Markovits Advanced Contracts
Yale Markovits Federal Income Taxation
Yale Markovits Law and Globalization
Yale Markovits The Theory & History of Toleration
Daniel WadeYale Wade Contemporary Legal Issues in Africa
David A. Schulz
David N. Rosen
Dean M. EssermanYale Esserman Innovations in Policing Clinic
Dennis E. CurtisYale Curtis Criminal Justice
Yale Curtis Criminal Procedure
Douglas Kysar
Elizabeth H. Esty
Emily BazelonYale Bazelon Professional Ethics, Public Interest and the Media
Eugene GarverYale Garver Persuasion and Politics
Eugene R. FidellYale Fidell Admiralty Law
Yale Fidell Guantanamo
Yale Fidell Military Justice
Yale Fidell Native American Law
Yale Fidell Law of the Sea
Facundo M. AlonsoYale Alonso Agency and the Law
Francis X. DineenYale Dineen Landlord/Tenant Law
Yale Dineen Landlord/Tenant Legal Services
Yale Dineen Legal Assistance
Frank Iacobucci
Frank P. Blando
Frederick S. Gold
G. Eric Brunstad, Jr.Yale Brunstad Advanced Business Reorganizations and International Insolvency Law
Yale Brunstad Argument and Reason in Commercial Law
Yale Brunstad Bankruptcy
Yale Brunstad Commercial Transactions
Yale Brunstad Secured Transactions
Guillermo Aguilar-Alvarez
Hope R. MetcalfYale Metcalf Liman Public Interest Workshop
Yale Metcalf Lowenstein Clinic--Detention and Human Rights in the United States
Howard KahnYale Kahn Constitutional Law, Social Science and Philosophy