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Professors at University of Texas School of Law

NameCourses Taught
Abraham L. WickelgrenAntitrust
Smnr: Law/Business/Econ
Law/Business/Econ Wrksp
Law, Business & Economics Workshop
Adam R. DellBusiness, Law & Innovation
Agnes E. CasasAdvocacy Survey: Skills
Ahmed Ghappour
Alan S. RauNegotiation
Reading Group: Arbitrtn
Alternative Dispute Res
Smnr: Arbitration
Alternative Dispute Resolution
Alexandra W. AlbrightCivil Procedure
Electronic Discovery
Alternative Dispute Res
Tx Civ Pro: Survey
Alternative Dispute Resolution
Contemporary Civil Litigation
Texas Civil Procedure: Survey
Texas Civil Procedure: Survey Workshop
Allison H. BeneschSmnr: Child Protect Iss
Child Protection Issues
Ambrosio A. Silva
Ami L. LarsonAdvocacy Outside Crtrm
Amy J. SchumacherAppellate Advocacy
Brief Wr/Oral Advocacy
Brief Writing & Oral Advocacy
Andres J. LinetzkyArbitration/Reg Integ
Andrew F. MacRaeCivil Litigation Skills (Intermediate)
Andrew KullProperty
Andrew M. Williams
Andrew W. Austin
Angela K. LittwinBankruptcy
Secured Credit
Smnr: Credit Card In Tr
Smnr: Credit Cards
Understanding The Mortgage Meltdown
Angela T. MelinaraabErisa: Fed Reg Of Hlth
Erisa: Fed. Regulat. Of Health & Pension Benefits
Erisa: Fed Regulation Of Health & Pension Benefits
Anthony W. BrownU.S. Attorney's Office Internship Program
Smnr: Fed Crim Pro, Adv
Federal Criminal Prosecution, Adv.
Antonio H. BenjaminSmnr: Comp Environ Law
Climate Change Law/Pol
Climate Change Law & Policy
Comparative Environmental Law
Biodiversity Law (Short Course)
Ariel E. DulitzkyClin Prog: Human Rights
Clin Prog: Prac Skl-Hum
Intl Human Rts Litigatn
Human Rts In Latin Amer
Human Rights Clinic
Internship Program
International Human Rights Law
Human Rights In Latin America
Human Rights Advocacy, Advanced
Barbara A. BintliffLaw Libraries
Barbara HinesClin Prog: Immigration
Clin Prog: Prac Skl-Imm
Smnr: Immigration Law
Immigration Clinic
Immigration Law & Crimes
Barry F. McNeilSmnr: White Collar Crim
White Collar Crime
Basil S. MarkesinisEmerg Of Mod Europ Law
Good & Evil In Art/Law
Emergence Of Modern European Law
Good & Evil In Art & Law
Good And Evil In Art And Law
Tort Across Borders
Bea Ann SmithWriting For The Court
Benjamin G. Gregg
Betty E. Rodriguez
Billie J. Ellis JrHistory Of Am Law Firm
Bobby R. InmanPerspectives On Public
Crisis Management
Managing Crises
Perspectives On Public Policy
Politics & Process (Managing Crisis)
Bradley P. Temple
Brian C. RiderReal Estate Finance
Real Estate Development
Real Estate Transaction
Land-Use Regulation
Real Estate Transactions
Land Use Regulation
Brian J. RoarkAdvocacy Survey: Skills
Brian R. LendeckyAccounting For Lawyers
Calvin H. JohnsonAnalytic Method For Law
Federal Income Tax
Corporate Tax
Analytic Methods For Lawyers
Tax & Business Strategy
Accounting For Lawyers
Original Meanings Of Historical Constitution
Cary C. FranklinConstitutional Law I
Smnr: Antidiscriminatn
Con Law II: Due Process
Antidiscrimination Law
Con Law II: Due Process & Equal Protection
Casey D. DuncanLegal Res, Adv: Texas
Legal Research, Adv: Texas Law
Brief Writing & Oral Advocacy W/Adv Legal Research
Brief Writing & Oral Advocacy W/Legal Res., Adv.
Chari L. Kelly
Charles E. GholzClimate Change Law/Pol
Climate Change Law & Policy
Charles G. GroatGlobal Energy Transact
Law, Science & Finances Of Global Energy Trans.
Charles M. SilverCivil Procedure
Prof Respon For Civ Lit
Professional Responsibi
Class Action/Aggreg Lit
Complex Litigation
Professional Responsibility For Civil Litigators
Professional Responsibility
Christina T. WisdomTx Environ & Admin Law
Christopher S. HarrisonSmnr: Music Law
Music Law
Clark C. WattsLaw Of Health Care
Clint A. Harbour
Craig D. BallElectronic Discovery
Craig R. BennettAdministrative Law, Tx
Tx Administrative Law
Texas Administrative Law
Cynthia L. BryantClin Prog: Mediation
Mediation Clinic
Alternative Dispute Resolution
Daniel J. YoungAlt Invest: Lack Of Reg
Alt Invest:lack Of Reg
Alternative Investments
Alternative Investments: Lack Of Reg & Bailouts
Daniel M. BrinksComp Judicial Politics
Smnr: Human Rts/Law/Dem
Law In Latin America
Core Readings In Public Law
Law In Latin America: A Comparative View
Comparative Law & Politics
Dara Whitehead