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Professors at University of Michigan Law School

NameCourses Taught
A.W. Brian SimpsonMichigan Simpson Criminal Justice
J. Phillip AdamsMichigan Adams Corporate Taxation
Michigan Adams Intro to Inc Tax of Business
Michigan Adams Tax Planning for Business
Barry A. AdelmanMichigan Adelman Anatomy of a Deal
Alicia AlvarezMichigan Alvarez Comm & Econ Develop Clinic
Michigan Alvarez Comm & Econ Develop Clinic Sem
Norman C. AnkersMichigan Ankers Conflict of Laws
Nicole AppleberryMichigan Appleberry Animal Law
Michigan Appleberry Domestic Rltns Mediation Clin
Michigan Appleberry Domestic Rltns Mediation Sem
Michigan Appleberry Low-Income Taxpayer Clinic
Michigan Appleberry Low-Income Taxpayer Clnc Field
Michigan Appleberry Mediation Clinic I
Michigan Appleberry Mediation Clinic II
Michigan Appleberry Mini-Seminar
Michigan Appleberry Tax Clinic
Michigan Appleberry Tax Clinic Field
Paul AstolfiMichigan Astolfi Prac of Renewable Energy Law
Reuven S. Avi-YonahMichigan Avi-Yonah Consumption Taxes
Michigan Avi-Yonah Income Tax Treaties
Michigan Avi-Yonah International Tax
Michigan Avi-Yonah Intro to Inc Tax of Business
Joseph AvivMichigan Aviv Family Law
Susanne Baer
Samuel BagenstosMichigan Bagenstos Disability Law
Michigan Bagenstos Employment Law
Michigan Bagenstos Intro to Constitutional Law
Michigan Bagenstos Labor Law
Michigan Bagenstos Mini-Seminar
Nicholas BagleyMichigan Bagley Civil Procedure
Michigan Bagley Health Law and Policy
Michigan Bagley Legislation and Regulation
Gary Ballesteros
Michael S. BarrMichigan Barr Financial Derivatives
Michigan Barr Financial Reform
Michigan Barr Financial Regulation
Michigan Barr International Finance
Michigan Barr Mini-Seminar
Edward R. BeckerMichigan Becker Legal Practice I
Michigan Becker Legal Practice II
Michigan Becker Legal Practice Skills
Michigan Becker Transactional Drafting
Laura Nyantung BenyMichigan Beny Corporate Finance
Michigan Beny Critical Issues in Law and Dev
Michigan Beny Critical Issues in Law&Develop
Michigan Beny Enterprise Organization
Michigan Beny Mini-Seminar
Jack BernardMichigan Bernard Higher Education Law
Martin BienenstockHLS Bienenstock Corporate Reorganization
Michigan Bienenstock Chapter 11 Reorganization
Michael L. BloomChicago Bloom Contracts and Commercial Transactions
Chicago Bloom Corporate Lab: Transactional Clinic
Michigan Bloom Strategic Drafting
Michigan Bloom Transactional Contracts
Christopher BoehningMichigan Boehning Litigation Strategy
Paul BrandMichigan Brand Eng Leg Hist Sources:1200-1350
Cheryl BrattMichigan Bratt Legal Practice II
Howard BrombergMichigan Bromberg Legal Practice I
Michigan Bromberg Legal Practice II
Michigan Bromberg Legal Practice Skills
Michigan Bromberg Mini-Seminar
Mary Rose BrusewitzMichigan Brusewitz Int'l Transactions Clinic
Andrew P. BuchsbaumMichigan Buchsbaum Water Wars/Great Lakes
Thomas J. BuitewegMichigan Buiteweg Sales and Secured Financing
Deborah BurandMichigan Burand Impact Investment Lawyering
Michigan Burand Int'l Transactions Clinic
Bridgette CarrMichigan Carr External Studies
Michigan Carr Human Trafficking Clinic
Michigan Carr Human Trafficking Clinic Sem
Michigan Carr Immigration and Nationality
Michigan Carr Lawyering Skills/Diverse World
Michigan Carr Mini-Seminar
Michigan Carr South Africa Externship
Michigan Carr South Africa Externship Sem
Margaret A. CernakMichigan Cernak Legal Practice II
Michigan Cernak Rsrch and Analysis in Amer Law
Steven J. CernakMichigan Cernak Couns & Advocacy in Antitrust
Michigan Cernak In-House Counsel
Christine M. ChinkinMichigan Chinkin Evolution of Gender Crimes
Michigan Chinkin Int'l Dispute Resolution
Michigan Chinkin International Law & Security
Debra ChoppMichigan Chopp Pediatric Advoc Clinic
Michigan Chopp Pediatric Advoc Clinic Sem
Michigan Chopp Topics in Education Law
Sherman J. ClarkMichigan Clark Evidence
Michigan Clark Mini-Seminar
Michigan Clark Sports Law
Michigan Clark Torts
Margaret Connors
Timothy ConnorsMichigan Connors Family Law Litigation
Michigan Connors Trial Practice
Edward H. CooperMichigan Cooper Civil Procedure
Michigan Cooper Dissatisf w/ Admin of Justice
Michigan Cooper Jurisdiction and Choice Of Law
Daniel CraneMichigan Crane Antitrust and IP
Michigan Crane Contracts
Michigan Crane Federal Antitrust
Michigan Crane Int'l & Comparative Antitrust
Michigan Crane Intell Hist of Compet Policy
Michigan Crane Intellectual Property Workshop
Michigan Crane Legislation and Regulation
Michigan Crane Mini-Seminar
Steven P. Croley
Kristina DaugirdasMichigan Daugirdas Environmental Law and Policy
Michigan Daugirdas International Organizations
Michigan Daugirdas Transnational Law
Michigan Daugirdas UN & Other Int'l Orgs
Alicia J. DavisMichigan Davis Enterprise Organization
Michigan Davis Investor Protection
Michigan Davis Mergers and Acquisitions
Michigan Davis Mini-Seminar
James DeSimpelareMichigan DeSimpelare Accounting for Lawyers
Rachel E. DemingMichigan Deming Int'l Transactions Clinic
Michigan Deming Mini-Seminar
John DiNardo
Timothy L. DickinsonMichigan Dickinson Int'l Commercial Transactions
Michigan Dickinson Int'l Transactions Clinic
Michigan Dickinson Transnational Law
Donald N. DuquetteMichigan Duquette Child Advocacy Clinic
Michigan Duquette Child Advocacy Clinic Seminar
Michigan Duquette Children and the Law
Michigan Duquette Legal Repres of Children
Rebecca S. EisenbergMichigan Eisenberg FDA Law
Michigan Eisenberg Intellectual Property Workshop
Michigan Eisenberg Patent Law
Michigan Eisenberg Patent Law I
Michigan Eisenberg Trademarks and Unfair Comp
Phoebe C. EllsworthMichigan Ellsworth Criminal Justice
Paul H. FalonMichigan Falon Legal Practice I
Michigan Falon Legal Practice II
Michigan Falon Legal Practice Skills
Fred FeinbergMichigan Feinberg Marketing for Lawyers
Leonid FellerMichigan Feller Fed Investig&Prosec Practicum
Michigan Feller Federal Prosec and Defense
Michigan Feller Federal Prosecution & Defense