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Professors at The George Washington University Law School

NameCourses Taught
Alan B. MorrisonCivil Procedure I-II
Alberto M. Benítez
Alfreda Robinson
Anne K. Olesen
Arthur E. Wilmarth, Jr.Banking Law
Arturo Carrillo
Bradford R. ClarkCivil Procedure I-II
The Law of Democracy
Federal Courts
C. Thomas DienesCommunications Law
Catherine J. RossConstitutional Law II
Family Law
Family, Child, and State
Charles B. CraverEmployment Discrimination Law
Labor Law
Christopher BraceyCivil Procedure I-II
Race, Racism, and American Law
Christopher R. YukinsFormation of Government Contracts
Performance of Government Contracts
Comparative Public Procurement
Christy Hallam DeSanctisLegal Research and Writing
Introduction to Advocacy
Law and Literature
Cynthia LeeCriminal Law
Professional Responsibility and Ethics
Criminal Procedure
Dalia Tsuk MitchellCorporations
Business Bankruptcy and Reorganization
Daniel I. GordonFormation of Government Contracts
Comparative Public Procurement
Land Use Law
Daniel Justin SoloveCriminal Law
Law and Literature
Information Privacy Law
David FontanaConstitutional Law I (Federal Systems)
Comparative Constitutional Law
David M. Johnson
David Robinson, Jr.Criminal Justice
Dawn C. NunziatoProperty
Law in Cyberspace
Dinah L. SheltonInternational Law of Human Rights
Regional Protection of Human Rights
Donald BramanEvidence
Donald C. ClarkeLaw of the People's Republic of China
Chinese Business Law
Edward T. Swaine
Eleanor Marie BrownProperty
Immigration Law I
Eric Scott SirulnikCriminal Justice
F. Scott KieffProperty
Patent Law
Francesca BignamiComparative Law
Law of the European Union
Administrative Law
Gregory E. MaggsContracts I-II
Constitutional Law I (Federal Systems)
The Law of Democracy
Commercial Paper - Payment Systems
Iselin Magdalene Gambert
Jack Harlan FriedenthalCivil Procedure I-II
Conflict of Laws
James E. StarrsCriminal Justice
Jeffrey MannsProperty
Securities Regulation
Banking Law
Jeffrey RosenConstitutional Law II
The Law of Democracy
Criminal Procedure
Jeffrey S. GutmanCivil Procedure I-II
Jennifer P. LymanCriminal Justice
Jerome A. BarronConstitutional Law I (Federal Systems)
Constitutional Law II
The First Amendment
Jessica K. Steinberg
Jessica L. Clark
Jessica Tillipman
Joan E. SchaffnerCivil Procedure I-II
Sexuality and the Law
Joan S. Meier
John Andrew Spanogle Jr.International Business Transactions
International Commercial Law
John F. Banzhaf IIITorts
Administrative Law
John M. WhealanPatent Law
The Federal Circuit
Jonathan R. SiegelFederal Courts
Jonathan R. TurleyCriminal Justice
Jonathan TurleyTorts
Introduction to Legal Theory
Environmental Crimes Project
Environmental Legislation Project
Constitutional Law and the Supreme Court
Prisoners Project
Joshua I. SchwartzGovernment Contracts