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Professors at The George Washington University Law School

NameCourses Taught
Michael B. AbramowiczGW Abramowicz Civil Procedure I-II
GW Abramowicz Corporations
Martin J. AdelmanGW Adelman Chemical and Biotech Patent Law
John F. Banzhaf IIIGW Banzhaf Torts
GW Banzhaf Administrative Law
Jerome A. BarronGW Barron Constitutional Law I (Federal Systems)
GW Barron Constitutional Law II
GW Barron The First Amendment
Alberto M. Benítez
Paul Schiff Berman
Francesca BignamiGW Bignami Comparative Law
GW Bignami Law of the European Union
GW Bignami Administrative Law
Christopher BraceyGW Bracey Civil Procedure I-II
GW Bracey Race, Racism, and American Law
Donald BramanGW Braman Evidence
Robert BrauneisGW Brauneis Copyright Law
GW Brauneis Trademark Law and Unfair Competition
Eleanor Marie BrownGW Brown Property
GW Brown Immigration Law I
Karen B. BrownGW Brown Federal Income Taxation
GW Brown Corporate Taxation
GW Brown International Taxation
Neil H. BuchananGW Buchanan Federal Income Taxation
GW Buchanan Tax Policy Seminar
Thomas BuergenthalGW Buergenthal International Law
GW Buergenthal Public International Law Seminar
Naomi R. CahnGW Cahn Trusts and Estates
GW Cahn Family Law
Arturo Carrillo
W. Burlette CarterGW Carter Women, Money, and Law
GW Carter Evidence
Steve CharnovitzGW Charnovitz International Business Transactions
GW Charnovitz International Trade Law
Mary M. ChehGW Cheh Criminal Justice
GW Cheh Constitutional Law I (Federal Systems)
GW Cheh Criminal Procedure
Bradford R. ClarkGW Clark Civil Procedure I-II
GW Clark The Law of Democracy
GW Clark Federal Courts
Jessica L. Clark
Donald C. ClarkeGW Clarke Law of the People's Republic of China
GW Clarke Chinese Business Law
GW Clarke Corporations
Thomas ColbyGW Colby Civil Procedure I-II
GW Colby Constitutional Law II
GW Colby Constitutional Law and the Supreme Court
Robert J. CottrolGW Cottrol Criminal Justice
GW Cottrol Law of Race and Slavery
GW Cottrol The Law of Democracy
Charles B. CraverGW Craver Criminal Justice
GW Craver Employment Discrimination Law
GW Craver Labor Law
Lawrence A. CunninghamGW Cunningham Contracts I-II
David Robinson, Jr.GW Robinson Criminal Justice
Christy Hallam DeSanctisGW DeSanctis Legal Research and Writing
GW DeSanctis Introduction to Advocacy
GW DeSanctis Law and Literature
Renee Y. DeVigne
Laura A. DickinsonGW Dickinson National Security Law
C. Thomas DienesGW Dienes Communications Law
Eric Scott SirulnikGW Sirulnik Criminal Justice
Lisa M. FairfaxGW Fairfax Contracts I-II
GW Fairfax Corporations
Roger Anthony FairfaxGW Fairfax Criminal Law
GW Fairfax Adjudicatory Criminal Procedure
David FontanaGW Fontana Constitutional Law I (Federal Systems)
GW Fontana Comparative Constitutional Law
Jack Harlan FriedenthalGW Friedenthal Civil Procedure I-II
GW Friedenthal Evidence
GW Friedenthal Conflict of Laws
Theresa A. GabaldonGW Gabaldon Contracts I-II
GW Gabaldon Law and Accounting
GW Gabaldon Corporations
GW Gabaldon Securities Regulation
Miriam GalstonGW Galston Jurisprudence
GW Galston Nonprofit Organizations: Law and Taxation
GW Galston Creditors' Rights and Debtors' Protection
Iselin Magdalene Gambert
Robert L. GlicksmanGW Glicksman Environmental Law
GW Glicksman Regulation of Toxic Substances Risk
GW Glicksman Administrative Law
Phyllis GoldfarbBC Goldfarb Criminal Justice
Daniel I. GordonGW Gordon Formation of Government Contracts
GW Gordon Comparative Public Procurement
GW Gordon Land Use Law
Jeffrey S. GutmanGW Gutman Civil Procedure I-II
Suzanne H. Jackson
James E. StarrsGW Starrs Criminal Justice
Jennifer P. LymanGW Lyman Criminal Justice
David M. Johnson
Jonathan R. TurleyGW Turley Criminal Justice
Susan R. Jones
Robin L. JuniGW Juni Environmental Negotiations