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Professors at New York University School of Law

NameCourses Taught
Aaron Daniel Simowitz
Adam B. CoxImmigration Law and the Rights of Noncitizens
Adam M. SamahaReligion and the Constitution
Second Amendment Seminar
Al O'Neil Sykes
Alan N. Rechtschaffen
Alan S. HalperinIncome Taxation of Trusts & Estates II
Income Taxation of Trusts and Estates
Albert M. Rosenblatt
Alina DasAdvanced Immigrant Rights Clinic
Immigrant Rights Clinic
Immigrants Rights Clinic
Alison MikkorLawyering
Amy Erenrich HellerIncome Taxation of Trusts & Estates II
Amy M. AdlerArt Law
Censorship and Culture
Free Speech
Gender & Jurisprudence Seminar
Amy Salzman
Ana DemelFinancing Development Seminar
Investing in Microfinance: Securing Debt and Equity Investments
Law & Business of Microfinance
Project Finance Seminar
Andreas F. LowenfeldConflict of Laws: Private International Law
International Arbitration:Investment Disputes
International Economic Transactions: The Private and Public Aspects of International Trade
International Litigation (J.D.)
Andrew David FriedmanLaw, Organizing and Social Change
Andrew W. WilliamsLawyering Pedagogy
Andy N. BergAdvanced Partnership Tax II: Issues in Practice
Advanced Partnership Tax II: Transactional Practice
Advanced Partnership Taxation
Advanced Partnership Taxation in Practice
Angelina Fisher
Anna Deavere Smith
Annmarie Jean Zell
Anthony C. ThompsonOffender Reentry Clinic
Anthony G. AmsterdamCriminal Procedure
April Klein
Arthur Fleischer, Jr.Mergers & Acquisitions
Arthur Henry Kohn
Arthur J. GonzalezA Study of Cross-Border Insolvency Cases and Relevant Law
Advanced Corporate Reorganization Under the Bankruptcy Code Seminar
Introduction to Corporate Reorganization Under the Bankruptcy Code
Arthur R. MillerComplex Litigation
Barbara A. Sloan
Barbara Kolsun
Barbara S. GillersProfessional Responsibility and the Regulation of Lawyers
Singapore Program: Legal and Ethical Rules Governing American Lawyers
Singapore Program: Legal Ethics
Barry E. AdlerBankruptcy
Law and Economics Colloquium
Law, Economics and Journalism Seminar
Law, Economics and Journalism: Writing Credit
Singapore Program: Debtor and Creditor
Barry FriedmanColloquium on Constitutional Theory
Constitutional Law
Criminal Procedure: Police Investigations
Federal Courts and the Federal System
Judicial Decisionmaking in Constitutional Cases
Barton BeebeAdvanced Trademark Law
Colloquium on Innovation Policy
Intellectual Property Law & Globalization Seminar
Intellectual Property Law & Globalization Seminar: Writing Credit
Ben Wizner
Benedict KingsburyAdvanced International Law
History and Theory of International Law
Bernice A. Grant
Bill Harrington
Bob BauerPresidential Powers Seminar
Boyden GrayEnergy, Environment and Security: Law and Policy
Brian Paul Trauman
Brookes D. BillmanEmployee Benefits Law
Income Taxation
Tax Policy Seminar
Tax Procedure
The Administrative and Regulatory State (For 1Ls Only)
Bruce Neil KuhlikFood & Drug Law
Bryan A. StevensonCapital Punishment Law and Litigation
Equal Justice and Capital Defender Clinic
Equal Justice and Capital Defender Clinic Seminar
Race, Poverty and Criminal Justice
Racial Justice Advocacy and Litigation
Bryan Charles SkarlatosTax Penalties & Prosecutions
Bryan StevensonCriminal Justice
Bryce Rudyk
Burt NeuborneFederal Courts and the Federal System
Procedure (disambiguation)
The Separation of Powers
Caren Myers MorrisonSurvey of U.S. Law
U.S. Legal Methodology
Carl M. Smith