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Professors at Georgetown University Law Center

NameCourses Taught
A. Rachel CampDomestic Violence Clinic
Aaron J. VelliEmerging Growth Companies and Their Venture Capital Financing Seminar: Principles and Practice
Abbe David LowellAdvanced Criminal Procedure and Litigation
Abbe SmithProfessional Responsibility: Lawyers' Ethics in an Adversary System
Criminal Defense and Prisoner Advocacy Clinic
Abe KrashConstitutional Law II: Individual Rights and Liberties
Adam J. Levitin
Adam Kolker
Adrian Robert Gardner
Aharon BarakInterpretation or Proportionality? How Constitutional Courts Around the World Review Challenges to Government Action
Alan D. CohnNational Security Crisis Law
Domestic Preparedness: Law, Policy, and National Security
Albert G. LauberU.S. Legal Discourse II: U.S. Income Tax: Writing for Tax Practice
Introduction to U.S. Legal Systems
Introduction to Employee Benefits Law
Alejandro MadrazoLaw and Society in Latin America
Drug Law and Policy Seminar: A Critical Perspective on the War on Drugs in the Americas
Alex WagnerSexual Orientation and the Law: Selected Topics in Civil Rights
Alexandra W. MillerProfessional Responsibility
Alfred F. BelcuoreTrial Practice
Alicia PlerhoplesSocial Entrepreneurship & The Law Practicum
Contract Drafting & Analysis
Alisa B. Klein
Allegra McLeodCriminal Justice
Allison M. Zieve
Allison Nichol
Allyn TaylorInternational Organizations & Global Health Lawmaking
Global Health Law
Alvaro SantosLegal Justice Seminar
International Trade
Drug Law and Policy Seminar: A Critical Perspective on the War on Drugs in the Americas
Amelia J. UelmenReligion and the Work of a Lawyer Seminar
Catholic Social Thought and Economic Justice
Andrea M. SharrinTrial Practice
Andres L. NavarreteFederal Regulation of Financial Institutions
Andrew I. SchoenholtzImmigration Law and the Rights of Detained Immigrants
Immigration Law and Policy
Center for Applied Legal Studies
Andrew J. ShermanEntrepreneurship and the Law: Evaluating Client Business Plans and Growth Strategies
Andrew S. EffronJudicial Review of Military Justice Proceedings: Separation and Sharing of Powers in Historical Perspective
Andrew S. Tulumello
Angela J. CampbellInstitute for Public Representation
Anna GelpernContracts
Anthony C. TridicoPatent Prosecution Practice
Anthony Clark ArendInternational Legal Philosophy
Anthony E. CookSocial and Business Entrepreneurship Practicum
Democracy and Coercion
Constitutional Law II: Individual Rights and Liberties
Christian Ethics & Economic Justice Seminar
Anthony W. Shaw
Ara D. ParkerLaw Students in Court
Ari S. CasperTrial Practice
Ariel B. Levinson-Waldman
Arnulf Becker Lorca
Arthur J. Gajarsa
Arthur L. RizerTrial Practice
National Security Implications of Immigration Law
Advanced Evidence: Trial Skills
Aslynn HogueIntroduction to Accounting
Barry E. CarterInternational Law II: International Trade and Business Law
International Law I: Introduction to International Law
Barry E. CohenProfessional Responsibility
Barry FreundelJewish Law Seminar
Barton Aronson
Benn D. McGradyPublic Health and International Investment Law
O'Neill Institute Practicum: Global Tobacco Control and the Law
International Trade and Health
Bennett L. Hecht
Bert Brandenburg
Betsy A. MillerNegotiations Seminar