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Professors at Georgetown University Law Center

NameCourses Taught
W. Shepherdson AbellGeorgetown Abell Ethics and Professional Identity Seminar: The Practicing Lawyer and the Poor
Charles F. AbernathyGeorgetown Abernathy Civil Procedure and Trial Practice
Georgetown Abernathy Civil Rights and Discrimination
Georgetown Abernathy Constitutional Law
Georgetown Abernathy Civil Rights Policy Seminar
Georgetown Abernathy Civil Rights
Georgetown Abernathy Civil Procedure
Kathy AhnGeorgetown Ahn Law Students in Court
Jane H. AikenGeorgetown Aiken Clinical Education
Georgetown Aiken Education Law
Georgetown Aiken Family Law
Georgetown Aiken Community Justice Project
T. Alexander AleinikoffGeorgetown Aleinikoff Civil Rights and Discrimination
Georgetown Aleinikoff Constitutional Law
Georgetown Aleinikoff Immigration Law
Georgetown Aleinikoff Legislation
Francis M. AllegraGeorgetown Allegra Litigation with the Federal Government
Georgetown Allegra Effective Use of Courtroom Technology
Georgetown Allegra Constitutional Law Seminar: Suing the Sovereign
Robert F. AltherrGeorgetown Altherr Patent Trial Practice
Stephen D. AltmanGeorgetown Altman Negotiations Seminar
Georgetown Altman Negotiations and Mediation Seminar
Christopher Anzidei
Judith C. AreenGeorgetown Areen Education Law
Georgetown Areen Family Law
Georgetown Areen Judgment and Decision Making Seminar
Georgetown Areen Higher Education and the Law
Georgetown Areen Family Law I: Marriage and Divorce
Anthony Clark ArendGeorgetown Arend International Legal Philosophy
Shawn ArmbrustGeorgetown Armbrust Wrongful Convictions
Barton Aronson
Victoria A. ArroyoGeorgetown Arroyo Advanced Environmental Law: Climate Change Experiential Learning Seminar
Sean G. ArthursGeorgetown Arthurs Street Law: Community
Donald D. Ashley
James M. AsseyGeorgetown Assey Communications Law: Law, Policy, and Politics in the Internet Age
Daniel F. AttridgeGeorgetown Attridge Trial Practice
Lisa R. AvalosGeorgetown Avalos Legal Writing Seminar: Theory and Practice for Law Fellows
Georgetown Avalos Legal Research and Writing
Georgetown Avalos Gender-Based Violence and Human Rights
Donald B. AyerGeorgetown Ayer Supreme Court Litigation Seminar
Hope BabcockGeorgetown Babcock Environmental Law
Georgetown Babcock Natural Resources Law
Georgetown Babcock Institute for Public Representation
James BakerHLS Baker National Security Law
Georgetown Baker Managing National Security
Jonathan Band
Elizabeth Banker
Kaitlin Banner
Aharon BarakGeorgetown Barak Interpretation or Proportionality? How Constitutional Courts Around the World Review Challenges to Government Action
Lucille BaraleGeorgetown Barale Law and Foreign Investment in China
Lisa L. Barclay
Randy E. BarnettBU Barnett Criminal Justice
Georgetown Barnett Constitutional Law
Georgetown Barnett Contracts
Georgetown Barnett Recent Books on the Constitution Seminar
Georgetown Barnett Constitutional Law II: Individual Rights and Liberties
John D. BatesGeorgetown Bates National Security Surveillance
Jeffrey D. BaumanGeorgetown Bauman Business Organizations and Securities Regulation
Georgetown Bauman Legal Profession and Professional Ethics
Georgetown Bauman Advanced Corporate Law Seminar
Tanya BaytorGeorgetown Baytor O'Neill Institute Practicum: Global Tobacco Control and the Law
Sara Sun BealeDuke Beale Criminal Justice
Georgetown Beale Federal White Collar Crime
Alfred F. BelcuoreGeorgetown Belcuore Trial Practice
Everett BellamyGeorgetown Bellamy Small Business Law and Entrepreneurship Seminar
Robert S. BennettGeorgetown Bennett Defending Corporations and Their Officers and Employees in Complex Criminal Cases
Eric BergerGeorgetown Berger Negotiations and Mediation Seminar
Lori M. BermanGeorgetown Berman Leadership, Team and Client Skills for Lawyers
Georgetown Berman Building and Maximizing Team Effectiveness
George A. BermannGeorgetown Bermann International Commercial Arbitration and the Courts
John D. BesslerGeorgetown Bessler Capital Punishment Seminar
Lisa BhansaliGeorgetown Bhansali Rule of Law and the Administration of Justice
Eric R. BielGeorgetown Biel Human Rights at the Intersection of Trade and Corporate Responsibility
Edward K. BilichGeorgetown Bilich Conflict of Laws: Choice of Law
Georgetown Bilich Civil Procedure
C. Coleman BirdGeorgetown Bird Civil Litigation Practice
Mark J. BirosGeorgetown Biros Advanced Criminal Procedure
Mary K. BissellGeorgetown Bissell Advocacy Tools for the 21st Century Public Interest Lawyer
Thomas C. BlackGeorgetown Black Role of the Federal Prosecutor
Kenneth A. BlancoGeorgetown Blanco Advanced Evidence: Trial Skills
Michael A. BlankGeorgetown Blank Negotiations Seminar
Susan Low BlochGeorgetown Bloch Communications Law
Georgetown Bloch Constitutional Law
Georgetown Bloch Courts and Judges
Georgetown Bloch Supreme Court Seminar
Georgetown Bloch Constitutional Law II: Individual Rights and Liberties
Georgetown Bloch Constitutional Law I: The Federal System