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Professors at Florida Coastal School of Law

NameCourses Taught
Ada HammondFCSL Hammond Employment
FCSL Hammond Commercial insurance and personal injury law and litigation
FCSL Hammond Appellate law
Alan G. Williams
Alan RaganFCSL Ragan Tax
FCSL Ragan Torts
FCSL Ragan Litigation
FCSL Ragan Appellate Practice
Alexander MoodyFCSL Moody Evidence
FCSL Moody Business Associations
FCSL Moody Appellate Advocacy
Amanda Reid
Andrew LongFCSL Long International Law
FCSL Long Administrative Law
Ann ShorsteinFCSL Shorstein Property
FCSL Shorstein Real Estate Transactions
Annette Ritter
Benjamin PriesterFCSL Priester Sentencing
FCSL Priester Antiterrorism Enforcement
FCSL Priester Constitutional Criminal Procedure
Brad ShannonFCSL Shannon Civil Procedure
FCSL Shannon Legal Process
FCSL Shannon Federal Courts and Litigation
Brian FoleyFCSL Foley Criminal Law
FCSL Foley Criminal Procedure
FCSL Foley Evidence
FCSL Foley Civil Procedure
FCSL Foley Sentencing
Carolyn HermanFCSL Herman Entertainment Law
FCSL Herman Intellectual Property
FCSL Herman Small Business Law
Cheryl G. YoungFlorida Coastal Young Criminal Justice
Florida Coastal Young Criminal Procedure
Christopher Roederer
Cleveland FergusonFCSL Ferguson Constitutional Law
FCSL Ferguson Commercial Law & Transactions
FCSL Ferguson Human Rights Law
FCSL Ferguson Nonprofit Organizations
Cynthia StroudFCSL Stroud Legal research and writing
FCSL Stroud Trial and appellate advocacy
FCSL Stroud Pretrial litigation drafting
Darren LathamFCSL Latham Constitutional Law
FCSL Latham Comparative Law
FCSL Latham International Commercial Arbitration
David Pimentel
David Simon
Donald E. LivelyFlorida Coastal Lively Criminal Procedure
Ericka CurranFCSL Curran Immigration Law
FCSL Curran Forced Migration
FCSL Curran Immigration Relief for Victims of Crime
Gerald P. Moran
Gina Donahoo
Heidi R. AndersonFCSL Anderson Mass Media & Telecommunications
FCSL Anderson Administrative Agencies
FCSL Anderson Ethics & Religion
Jagdeep BhandariFCSL Bhandari International Business Law
FCSL Bhandari Immigration Law
FCSL Bhandari Law and Economics
FCSL Bhandari Bankruptcy
FCSL Bhandari Evidence
FCSL Bhandari Criminal Procedure
FCSL Bhandari White Collar Crime
FCSL Bhandari Antitrust
FCSL Bhandari National Security Law
FCSL Bhandari Law of Islam
FCSL Bhandari International Civil Litigation
FCSL Bhandari Civil Procedure
FCSL Bhandari Forensic Evidence
FCSL Bhandari Corporate Law
James Cataland
James WoodruffFCSL Woodruff Civil Litigation
FCSL Woodruff Business Law
FCSL Woodruff Political Law
FCSL Woodruff Legal Writing
Jana McCreary
Jennifer Kolinski MillisFCSL Millis Civil Litigation
FCSL Millis Trials and Appeals
FCSL Millis Health Law
FCSL Millis Torts
FCSL Millis Medical Negligence
FCSL Millis Products Liability
FCSL Millis Nursing Home Abuse
Joanmarie DavoliFCSL Davoli Criminal Law
FCSL Davoli Evidence
FCSL Davoli Capital Punishment
FCSL Davoli Psychiatric Issues in Criminal Law
Judy ClausenFCSL Clausen Contracts
FCSL Clausen Federal Agencies
FCSL Clausen Commercial Litigation
Julia McLaughlin
Karen Millard
Katharine HartlandFCSL Hartland Transactional Drafting
FCSL Hartland Insurance Law
FCSL Hartland Contracts
FCSL Hartland Legal Writing
Kirby OberdorferFCSL Oberdorfer Appellate Procedure and Law
FCSL Oberdorfer Civil Procedure
FCSL Oberdorfer Legal Analysis and Writing
Kirsten ClementFCSL Clement Legal research
FCSL Clement Writing
FCSL Clement Citation
FCSL Clement Appeals
Laura Boeckman
Leigh ScalesFCSL Scales Lawyering Process
FCSL Scales Legal Analysis, Research, Writing and Drafting
FCSL Scales Pretrial and Appellate Drafting
FCSL Scales Oral ArgumentS
FCSL Scales Lawyer Ethics
FCSL Scales Family Law
FCSL Scales Litigation
Lucille PonteFCSL Ponte Cyberlaw
FCSL Ponte Intellectual Property
FCSL Ponte Alternative and Online Dispute Resolution
FCSL Ponte Employment Discrimination.
Lynn McDowellFCSL McDowell Criminal Procedure
FCSL McDowell Criminal Defense
Marc McAllisterFCSL McAllister Sixth Amendment
Margaret Ioannides
Mary Margaret GianniniFCSL Giannini Victims' rights
FCSL Giannini Restorative Justice
FCSL Giannini Federal Courts
Matthew Alan Reiber
Nadia Jones
Nancy Hogshead-Makar
Natalie TuttleFCSL Tuttle Legal Research and Writing
FCSL Tuttle Family Law
FCSL Tuttle Appellate Practice
Nickie SingletonFCSL Singleton Library administration
FCSL Singleton Research
FCSL Singleton Information technology
Quince Hopkins
Rebekah Gleason