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Professors at Cornell Law School

NameCourses Taught
Andrea J. Mooney
Angela B. Cornell
Annelise Riles
Anthony M. Radice
Arnold S. Jacobs
Aziz F. Rana
Barbara J. Holden-Smith
Bernadette A. Meyler
Bruce R. Bryan
Calum M. Carmichael
Chantal ThomasInternational Economic Law, Trade, Law and Development
Charles E. Roberts
Charles K. Whitehead
Cynthia Grant Bowman
Cynthia R. Farina
David S. Powers
Derril B. Jordan
Eduardo M. Peñalver
Elizabeth Brundige
Emily L. Sherwin
Faust F. Rossi
Femi Cadmus
George A. Hay
Glenn G. Galbreath
Gregory S. Alexander
H. Richard Beresford
Hila Shamir
James A. Henderson Jr.
James J. Mingle
James Junewicz
James W. Dabney
Jed Stiglitz
Jeffrey J. Rachlinski
Jens Ohlin
Joel Atlas
John A. Siliciano
John H. BlumeCriminal Procedure
John J. Barceló III
Josh Chafetz
Judith P. Meyer
Keith S. Porter
Kevin M. Clermont
Lance Salisbury
Lara Gelbwasser Freed
Laura Underkuffler
Leslie Knight
Lynn Stout
Marion Bachrach
Mark I. Greene
Mark L. Goldstein