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Professors at Columbia Law School

NameCourses Taught
Abbe R. Gluck
Adam G. Ciongoli
Adam M. Gogolak
Alan H. Scheiner
Albert Kalter
Alberto Rodriguez
Alejandro M. Garro
Alex RaskolnikovFederal income taxation
Taxation of financial instruments
Tax policy
Economic analysis of deterrence
Social norms
Alexandra CarterMediation
Civil litigation
FTC/DOJ merger review
Amy Carroll
Andrzej RapaczynskiConstitutional law
Comparative law
Institutional economics
Political philosophy
Anne E. Green
Anne Vladeck
Anthony E. Davis
Anthony Ewing
Anthony R.G. Nolan
Anu BradfordInternational Trade Law and International Political Economy
International Antitrust Law
International Relations Theory
European Union Law
Ariela R. DublerAmerican legal history
Family law
The history of marriage and its alternatives
Feminist legal theory
Constitutional Law
Arthur S. Kaufman
Augusto E. Maxwell
Avery W. KatzContracts
Commercial law
Secured transactions
Payment systems
Regulation and public policy
Barbara A. SchatzNonprofit organizations
Community development
Clinical teaching
Benjamin L. LiebmanLegal aspects of China's international relations
Law and legal institutions in China
Advanced research in Chinese law
Bert I. Huang
Bethany Davis Noll
Bettina Quintas
Brett Dignam
Brian Donnelly
C. Scott Hemphill
Caird Forbes-Cockell
Caitlin J. Halligan
Carine Williams
Carissa Vogel
Carl Kaplan
Carla Fredericks
Carol B. LiebmanNegotiation
Legal education
Carol L. Ziegler
Carol Sanger
Celia Goldwag Barenholtz
Chad Pimentel
Charles B. Anderson
Charles F. Sabel
Christina Duffy PonsaAmerican legal history
Constitutional law
Immigration Law
Christopher Yukins
Clarisa Long
Conrad JohnsonLawyering
Civil rights
Access to justice
Corrine Irish
Curtis J. MilhauptComparative corporate governance
Japanese and other Asian legal systems
Law and economics
Law and economic development
Dan Capra
Dana Neacsu