Reno v. Condon

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Reno v. Condon
Court U.S. Supreme Court
Citation 528 U.S. 141 (2000)
Date decided 2000


Congress passes the Driver’s Privacy Protection Act which regulates the disclosure of personal information obtained by states’ DMVs. The DPAA prohibits states from distributing or selling drivers’ information without consent.


Whether the DPAA is a proper exercise of Congressional power to regulate interstate commerce under the Commerce Clause.

Whether the DPAA violates the Tenth amendment because it thrusts upon the States all of the responsibilities for administering its complex provisions.


Congress did not run afoul of established principles of federalism.


The DPAA is certainly a proper exercise of Congressional power under the Commerce Clause.

The DPAA is like Baker where the court held that the law regulates state activities rather than seeking to control or influence the manner in which States regulate private parties. It does not regulate the States to regulate their own citizens.