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This property is a Text comprising of notes regarding a law firm's changes to its summer associate program in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Delayed to 6/22; 6 week program; virtual/in-person decision is TBD  +
Arnold & Porter summer program will proceed as planned, same start dates, same pay, but will likely start virtually.  +
All summers guaranteed offers  +
Delayed to 6/1, pay prorated  +
Will only be paid for weeks worked with Cooley; no remote options at this time; no extension of end date  +
Delayed Start; guaranteed full pay and post-grad offers  +
Expected to be in-person. Program will go from June 29 to July 31. So 5 week program. Pay is pro-rated to 5 weeks.  +
firm wide SA program canceled  +
Delayed to at least 6/15; more details in the coming weeks  +
"we determined we will not have the appropriate learning opportunities available to provide a meaningful summer associate experience."  +
Program begins remote on 5/18.  +
Guaranteed full pay firm-wide; guaranteed there will be a SA program, details TBD; don't make housing arrangements  +
Shortened to 5 weeks starting 6/15, all remote but with opportunity to come into the office if circumstances improve, guaranteed offers for all summers. SAs paid for full ten weeks.  +
Cancelled; offers extended now; promised "financial assistance" if they accept the offer  +
Program delayed to mid-June. Details promised in next two weeks  +
Committed to paying the full weeks. Will not start its summer associate program sooner than June 1  +
Cancelled; offers extended now; $10,000 lump sum payment if they accept the offer  +
delayed to at least June 15th  +
Relocation stipends have been paid; 4/9 firm-wide email: program delayed to 6/15, pay pro-rated, remote decision will be made by 5/1, Offers guaranteed  +
Winston & Strawn is delaying their program until at least June 1st.  +