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This property is a Text comprising of notes regarding a school temporarily adopting pass/fail grading.

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Optional Pass/No Credit after you see the grade. All required classes (aka 1L classes) will require at least a C- or you have to retake it regardless of whether you keep the letter grade or a P (down to a D-). 1L curve is moved from a B- to a B.  +
optional pass/fail  +
Optional P/F after grades are released (allowed to pick a maximum of 7 credit hours total to make P/F instead of letter grades)  +
mandatory pass/fail grading for the Spring 2020 semester  +
mandatory pass/fail for all JDs. LLMs will have the option of electing pass/fail  +
1Ls will be graded on a H (Honors) / P (Pass) / NE (No Entry) system for all first-year courses, except the 1L electives which will continue to be graded on their normal CR/NC basis. Upperclass students will be graded under the normal grading policy. For each course, a student may opt to retain their grade, or have a P/NE entered instead.  +
Mandatory P/F System (announced April 1, 2010)  +
Mandatory High Pass/Pass/Fail  +
sticking with traditional grades  +
officially updated the grading policy to Mandatory P/F for the spring  +
Students can opt to go credit/no credit after they see their grades. The decision is all or nothing for all classes.  +
Dean's Scholar / Credit / No Credit (yearly honors awarded based only on Fall 2019)  +
Upon receipt of all grades, students will have the choice to accept the grades for all of their courses as awarded or to convert all of their grades into Pass/Fail status. This is an all-or-nothing option, not a course-by-course approach.  +
*Pass/no pass system. *Must decide to opt-in prior to end of the semester. *Decided on a class-by-class basis. *Pass/No Pass will NOT affect GPA or ranking.   +
Optional Pass/Fail. Students can decide after grades are released. The decision is all or nothing (meaning students will need to choose between grades in all classes or none at all).  +
Grading policies for the College of Law will not change for Spring 2020. Grading curves will remain the same and will apply to all courses subject to a curve. Students may apply to receive P/F grades for all Spring 2020 semester courses prior to exams  +
Mandatory Credit/No Credit grading policy  +
Credit/No Credit  +
Legal Writing is optional pass/fail  +
Optional pass/fail after grades are released  +