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This property is a record type that represents key people of a firm (e.g. officers and chairpeople, not every famous lawyer in the firm). The property has two data fields: Name, Has title.

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Mark M. Katz (Chairman of the firm)  +
Paul Rawlinson (Global chair)  +
Jonathan M. Skeeters (Chairman of the Board and Managing Partner)  +
William M. Hartnett (Chairman, Executive Committee)  +, Landis Best (Co-Administrative Partner)  +, John A. Tripodoro (Co-Administrative Partner)  +
Thomas J. Reid (Managing Partner)  +
Michael W. Blair (Presiding Partner)  +
Joseph Andrew (Global Chairman)  +, Elliott Portnoy (Chief Executive Officer)  +, Xuefeng Peng (Chairman of the Global Board)  +
Roger Meltzer (Global Co-Chairman)  +, Juan Picón (Global Co-Chairman)  +, Simon Levine (Joint CEO)  +,
Andrew C. Kassner (Chairman and Chief Executive Officer)  +