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This property is a Text comprising of notes regarding a law firm's changes to its incoming associate program in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Intends for first years to still start on normal start date (late October) but said they would have to reconsider if the bar exam is pushed back to “October or later”  +
No current plans to change the fall start date for new lawyers.  +
no information about whether they’re pushing the start date.  +
Summer stipend is being distributed at normally scheduled date and bar/relocation expenses are still being reimbursed. No comment yet on start date. The firm stated they will “monitor the situation” and let incoming associates know of any planned changes.  +
Will postpone the start of its 2020 associate class to January 2021." Announced 10% salary cut for associates for remainder of 2020, but not sure how this impacts the incoming class salary  +