Mapp v. Ohio

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Mapp v. Ohio
Court Supreme Court of the United States
Date decided June 19, 1961
Appealed from Ohio Supreme Court
Overturned Wolf v. Colorado
Related Wolf v. Colorado


Police in Cleveland, Ohio, thought a bombing suspect was hiding in the home of Ms. Mapp.

Mapp would not grant entry to police officers without a search warrant. Upon entry, police found pornographic photos.

Procedural History

Ms. Mapp is charged with possession of obscene materials. The Ohio trial court convicts Ms. Mapp of possessing obscene materials.


Is evidence obtained during an un-constitutional search & seizure admissible in state court?


Ms. Mapp argued that the Ohio obscenity law violated her 1st Amendment rights.


Any evidence obtained in contravention of a suspect's 4th Amendment rights against unreasonable searches and seizures should be excluded from the trial.

The exclusionary rule extends to the states.

The majority disregarded Mapp's 1st Amendment free-speech claims.