M. Scott Boone

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M. Scott Boone
M Boone AJMLS.png
Title(s) Visiting Associate Professor
Law school Atlanta's John Marshall Law School
Subject(s) Property
Administrative Law
Professional Responsibility
Appellate Advocacy
Status Full time"Full time" is not in the list (full time, adjunct, visiting, emeritus, retired) of allowed values for the "Status" property.
Alma Mater Franklin Pierce Law Center
Outline(s) AJMLS Boone Administrative Law, AJMLS Boone Appellate Advocacy, AJMLS Boone Professional Responsibility, AJMLS Boone Property
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M. Scott Boone is a law professor at Atlanta's John Marshall Law School. Subjects taught by M. Scott Boone include Property, Administrative Law, Professional Responsibility, and Appellate Advocacy.

M. Scott Boone graduated from Franklin Pierce Law Center.

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