Jones v. U.S.

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Facts: Jones was supposed to be caring for a 10-month-old infant. Jones neglected to do so and the baby died.

Procedural History.: D was found guilty initially

Issue: can Jones be found liable?

Holding: only if he was being paid to care for the infant.

Reasons: legal duty for care must be found. There are 4 possible scenarios in which this legal duty can be found:

  1. statute imposes duty
  2. one stands on a certain status relationship to another
  3. one has assumed a contractual duty to care for another
  4. one has voluntarily assumed the care of another and so secluded the helpless person as to prevent others from rendering aid.

Scenario #3 is the only possible one under which Jones could be found liable. If trial ct. finds that he was in a contract to care for the infant, then he is liable for its death.

Judgment: Reversed and remanded.

Comments: Lower ct. must find out if there was a contract (written, oral, or implied) tto care for the imfant.