Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law

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Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law
COVID-19 Information
In-person classes canceled? Yes
Graduation ceremonies canceled?
Temporary pass/fail grading? Optional[1]
All students decide whether to apply for pass/fail grading by April 26 (admin can deny the request) with an option to apply again after grades are released (admin is more likely to deny the request)

Parent school Arizona State University
School type Public
Location Phoenix, AZ, US
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Annual tuition
Outlines 8 (See List)
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Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law is located in Phoenix, AZ

Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law is the law school at Arizona State University located in Tempe, Arizona. The law school is approved by the American Bar Association and opened in 1964. The Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law was ranked 51st nationally by U.S. News and World Report in 2007. The law school was renamed after retired U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor in 2006.

The College of Law is frequently ranked as one of the top 10 legal writing schools in the nation. It also provides certificate programs for Indian Law, Law Science and Technology, and International Law. Clinical programs are available include, Civil Justice Clinic, Criminal Practice Clinic, Immigration Clinic, Indian Legal Clinic, Mediation Clinic, Public Defender Clinic, and Technology Ventures.

Longtime faculty include Jonathan Rose, Michael Berch, Alan Matheson, and Bob Bartels. Patricia White is the current Dean.

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