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The quickest way to find information here is to look it up directly. On the left-hand side of your screen there is a Search box with two buttons under it labeled "Go" and "Search". Just type something into the box, like "Torts" and press enter or click the Go button. This will take you directly to Wiki Law School's outline on Torts.


If no such article exists, or if you accidentally press the Search button instead of the Go button, our search engine will do its best to help you along.


If you typed in a term that is similar to the title of an outline and pressed the Go button, you may be redirected to the outline you were looking for. For example, if you type "civ pro" you will be redirected to the Civil Procedure outline. If you use what may be a commonly-used nickname for a couse (e.g. civ pro, admin law, etc), press the Go button, and are not redirected, please create an new redirect page titled as that nickname that redirects to the correct outline. Please see Help:Formatting for instructions on creating a redirect page.