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From Wiki Law School does not provide legal advice. For educational purposes only.
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Wiki Law School was created by a law student who saw a need to provide a forum that allows many law students to create and edit study outlines for any legal topic. This law student also saw a need for a site where attorneys and/or law students can go to get a quick, up to date, refresher of the same legal topics.

The purpose of Wiki Law School is to provide such a forum. We hope that all lawyers and law students will feel welcome to contribute and gain the benefits of increased understanding and better memory retention from participating in the writing and editing process.

Wiki Law School also contains articles about various law schools, which may be helpful to incoming law students to help them learn about their school of choice or even to help them make that all-important choice. We encourage all law students to check to see if there is an article about their school. If there is, add to it, and if there is none yet, go ahead and create it!

These articles will increase in number and scope as people contribute to them, so check back often. Better yet, please help Wiki Law School grow by adding or fixing articles wherever you see the need.