Webb v. McGowin (1935)

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Webb v. McGowin (1935)
Court Alabama Court of Appeals
Citation 27 Ala.App. 82, 168 So. 196
Date decided November 12, 1935
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Followed by
Webb v. McGowin (1936)


  • Mr. Webb = "Webb" = plaintiff
  • Mr. McGowin = "McGowin" = defendant
  • Webb & McGowin worked at a lumber mill in Alabama in the 1920s.
  • Webb's duties included cleaning out the loft's 2nd floor.
  • 1 days, Webb hurt himself & fell from the 2nd floor as he was trying to ensure that no harm was coming to McGowin.
  • Webb became disabled for the rest of his life. In return for his heroics, McGowin promised to pay Webb $15 every other week.
  • McGowin faithfully paid for Webb's kindness until McGowin himself passed away 8 years later.

Procedural History

Webb sued McGowin's executors for lack of payments.

Webb lost because the Butler County circuit court ruled that no valid contract existed.


When a person receives a gratuitous benefit & later promises to pay the benefactor back, is that promise enforceable?


Yes. A material, substantial benefit conferred in the past can constitute consideration for a voluntarily assumed promise of compensation later.


  • Mills v. Wyman, a case with harsh & opposite results for the benefactor