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! Taught Since
! Taught Since
| {{{taught_since|}}}
| [[Has taught since::{{{taught_since|}}}]]
! Outline(s)
! Outline(s)

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This is the "Infobox Professor" template. It should be called in the following format:

{{Infobox Professor
| image        =
| title        = 
| law_school   = 
| subjects     = 
| taught_since = 
| outlines     = 
| website      = 

Description of fields

Field Description
image If an identifying image can be found, include it in this parameter, like this: [[Image:Example.jpg]]. If the image is much wider than 200px, please limit it like this: [[Image:Example.jpg|200px]].
title Eg, "Associate Professor," "John Smith Distinguished Professor of Law." If multiple, separate by asterisk.
law_school The name of the law school where the professor currently teaches.
subjects The subjects taught by the professor. If multiple, separate each by comma.
taught_since First year this professor started teaching law classes.
outline Wiki page name(s) (leave brackets off, they will be added automatically) of any professor-specific outline. If multiple, separate each by comma.
website web address of the professor's law school biography.