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{{#if: {{{title|}}} |
{{#if: {{{title|}}} |
! Title(s)
! Title(s)
{{!}} {{#arraymap:{{{title|}}}|*|xtitle|<span itemprop="jobtitle">[[Has title::xtitle]]</span>|<br />}}
{{!}} {{#arraymap:{{{title|}}}|*|xtitle|<span itemprop="jobTitle">[[Has title::xtitle]]</span>|<br />}}

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This is the "Infobox Professor" template. It should be called in the following format:

{{Infobox Professor
| last_name    =
| image        =
| title        = 
| law_school   = 
| subjects     = 
| status       =
| taught_since = 
| alma_mater   =
| website      = 

Description of fields

Field Description
last_name The last name of the professor.
image If an identifying image can be found, include it in this parameter, like this: [[Image:Example.jpg]]. If the image is much wider than 200px, please limit it like this: [[Image:Example.jpg|200px]].
title Eg, "Associate Professor," "John Smith Distinguished Professor of Law." If multiple, separate by asterisk.
law_school The name of the law school where the professor currently teaches. If multiple, separate each by asterisk.
subjects The subjects taught by the professor. If multiple, separate each by asterisk.
status "full time" or "adjunct"
taught_since First year this professor started teaching law classes.
alma_mater The professor's law school alma mater (use the same name as that school's page on Wiki Law School). If multiple, separate each by asterisk.
website web address of the professor's law school biography.