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Schools with Optional Pass/Fail Grading

Location School Temporary Pass Fail Grading? Notes
AB, CA University of Calgary Faculty of Law Optional
NB, CA University of New Brunswick Faculty of Law Optional
opt in before assessments
ON, CA Queen's University Faculty of Law Optional
ON, CA University of Ottawa Faculty of Law Optional [1]
It is not mandatory P/F for 2Ls and 3Ls. You either choose if you want letter grades or pass/fail for all classes. 1Ls get to choose P/F or letter grades after they receive their grades.
QC, CA McGill University Faculty of Law Optional
QC, CA Faculté de droit de l'Université Laval Optional [2]
optional pass/fail
SK, CA University of Saskatchewan College of Law Optional [3]
AZ, US Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law Optional [4]
All students decide whether to apply for pass/fail grading by April 26 (admin can deny the request) with an option to apply again after grades are released (admin is more likely to deny the request)
CA, US McGeorge School of Law Optional [5]
all courses in all McGeorge programs, except those that were completed and graded before March 16, 2020, students are able to elect a Pass / No-Credit option after seeing their provisional final grade in the course. Students will have three days in which to make this election. A pass is designated as a C- or above.
CA, US Southwestern Law School Optional [6]
optional credit/no credit after grades
CA, US University of California, Hastings College of the Law Optional
After grades
CT, US Quinnipiac University School of Law Optional [7]
Mandatory p/f for all upper level courses and Spring 1L courses. Optional p/f for Fall 2019 1L courses. (1Ls can change their fall grades to p/f but if they elect to do p/f they must change all their grades).
CT, US University of Connecticut School of Law Optional
after grades are released
DC, US Columbus School of Law Optional [8]
Upon receipt of all grades, students will have the choice to accept the grades for all of their courses as awarded or to convert all of their grades into Pass/Fail status. This is an all-or-nothing option, not a course-by-course approach.
DC, US David A. Clarke School of Law Optional [9]
Optional Pass/Fail. Students can decide after grades are released. The decision is all or nothing (meaning students will need to choose between grades in all classes or none at all).
DE, US Widener School of Law–Delaware Optional
FL, US Florida International University College of Law Optional [10]
optional pass/fail or receive a letter grade with a relaxed curve
FL, US Florida A&M University College of Law Optional [11]
will receive letter grades at the end of the semester like normal and students have the choice to keep the letter grades they want and take a pass/fail on other grades. So you can keep your A grades but if you want to change a C to a pass, you can, and it won’t affect your GPA. The letter grades you keep WILL affect your GPA.
IL, US DePaul University College of Law Optional [12]
Grading policies for the College of Law will not change for Spring 2020.

Grading curves will remain the same and will apply to all courses subject to a curve.

Students may apply to receive P/F grades for all Spring 2020 semester courses prior to exams
IN, US Notre Dame Law School Optional [13]
Optional Pass/No Credit that must be elected for all classes or none and students must make decision before final exams
MA, US Suffolk University Law School Optional [14]
Optional Pass/Fail post grade
ME, US University of Maine School of Law Optional [15]
Students can test, receive grades and then can elect to keep individual course grades, or selectively choose pass/fail.
MI, US Michigan State University College of Law Optional
MN, US Mitchell Hamline School of Law Optional [16]
optional pass/fail for any or all courses after release of final grades
NC, US North Carolina Central University School of Law Optional [17]
Letter grades for required courses but nothing less than a C-, optional pass/fail after seeing grades for electives.
NE, US University of Nebraska College of Law Optional [18]
1Ls: Mandatory P/NP 2Ls/3Ls/LLM: Optional P/NP. P/NP is the default. Students will receive their grade then must elect within four days of receiving their grades whether to convert all to graded or not.
NE, US Creighton University School of Law Optional [19]
*Pass/no pass system.
  • Must decide to opt-in prior to end of the semester.
  • Decided on a class-by-class basis.
  • Pass/No Pass will NOT affect GPA or ranking.
NY, US New York Law School Optional [20]
Optional credit/no credit. We’re allowed to see our grades beforehand and have until July 1, 2020 to render a decision on which grades we want to deem CR. Anything D- or above can receive credit.
NY, US Elisabeth Haub School of Law at Pace University Optional [21]
NY, US Syracuse University College of Law Optional
students choose after grades are released
NY, US Albany Law School Optional [22]
Optional Pass/No Credit after you see the grade. All required classes (aka 1L classes) will require at least a C- or you have to retake it regardless of whether you keep the letter grade or a P (down to a D-). 1L curve is moved from a B- to a B.
OH, US University of Dayton School of Law Optional [23]
Students above 2.2 GPA can elect credit/no credit BEFORE FINALS or to have the term graded as normal.

Students below a 2.2 GPA can elect to restart the semester in Fall if 2020 (will not be charged tuition) or to have the semester graded as normal.

Scholarship removals are postponed until after Fall 2020 semester.

Students below a 2.0 at the end of spring 2020 will still be dismissed.
OH, US Case Western Reserve University School of Law Optional [24]
1Ls will be graded on a H (Honors) / P (Pass) / NE (No Entry) system for all first-year courses, except the 1L electives which will continue to be graded on their normal CR/NC basis. Upperclass students will be graded under the normal grading policy. For each course, a student may opt to retain their grade, or have a P/NE entered instead.
OH, US Cleveland-Marshall College of Law Optional [25]
Students can opt to go credit/no credit after they see their grades. The decision is all or nothing for all classes.
OR, US Lewis & Clark Law School Optional [26]
election is made no later than 24 hours after taking an exam or turning in a final paper for a paper class or individual research project. All exams will be graded by professors and curved as they have been in the past although faculty will have the discretion to vary the numerical curves
OR, US Willamette University College of Law Optional [27]
Optional credit/no credit grading system thereafter exam grades are posted. C- is the cut off for credit and letter grades will count toward scholarships whether you opt out or not.
PA, US Thomas R. Kline School of Law Optional [28]
Pass/Fail (Optional After Grades)
PA, US Duquesne University School of Law Optional
Optional pass/fail after grades are released
PA, US Widener School of Law–Harrisburg Optional
TN, US Belmont University College of Law Optional [29]
Optional P/F after grades are released (allowed to pick a maximum of 7 credit hours total to make P/F instead of letter grades)
TX, US Texas Tech University School of Law Optional [30]
Optional “Credit/No Credit” after grades are received.
TX, US Baylor Law School Optional [31]
optional pass/fail
TX, US Texas A&M University School of Law Optional [32]
mandatory pass/fail grading for all classes this semester, other than those courses that have been completed and for which final course grades have already been communicated
VA, US George Mason University School of Law Optional [33]
Optional credit / no credit. Students may select to receive a letter grade after they receive grades. Cr/ NC is the default. Credit is awarded for letter grades C- and above. Grades will not factor into GPA or ranking. It will just show on your transcript.