Milliken v. Bradley

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Milliken v. Bradley
Court Supreme Court of the United States
Date decided July 25, 1974
Appealed from 6th Circuit


In August 1970, in Michigan, several families filed a class-action lawsuit. They stated that the schools of their children in Detroit were racially segregated.

The trial court found that a residential racial segregation had been in place in the Detroit area in 1970.

The largely segregated schools by race were the result of racially segregated neighborhood in Detroit in 1970. No public school rule was the cause of racial segregation in schools.

Procedural History

Milliken et al. win at the federal district court and 6th Circuit Appeal court levels.


What is the reach of the Court's equitable jurisdiction?


Should the federal district court act as a school superintendent to achieve racial integration in 53 schools in spite of the racial composition of the metro Detroit neighborhoods?


Public busing to achieve racial de-segregation is impermissible.