MPEP 702

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702 Requisites of the Application[edit | edit source]

Upon receipt of a new patent application, the examiner will make sure that it meets all requirements. If not, the applicant may amend the application, but may not add new matter.

702.01 Obviously Informal Cases[edit | edit source]

For an application that does contain an incomplete or informal disclosure, the following procedure may be followed:

  • A reasonable search should be made of the invention so far as it can be understood from the application unless the application;
  • The applicant will be required to revise the specification; and
  • The claims should be rejected.

The examiner should attempt to point out the points of informality in the specification and claims and the applicant has the burden of revising the application.

Patent applicants should submit applications that conform to USPTO requirements. If this is not possible, they should file a prelimiary amendment to correct the informalities.