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{{Infobox law firm
{{Infobox Law Firm
| name = Irell & Manella
| name = Irell & Manella
| logo = [[File:Irell & Manella.png|frameless|Irell & Manella]]
| logo = [[File:Irell & Manella.png|frameless|Irell & Manella]]

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Irell & Manella
Irell & Manella
Headquarters [[Headquarters::Los Angeles, California, United States]]The following coordinate was not recognized: Geocoding failed.The following coordinate was not recognized: Geocoding failed.
Number of Offices 2
Number of attorneys 220+"+" can not be assigned to a declared number type with value 220.
Practice Areas General practice; IP Litigation
Annual Revenue $[[Revenue::Template:Gain 253 million USD (2011)[1]]] million
Irell & Manella Pay Scale
(all numbers in thousands of dollars)
First year salary180
Second year salary190
Third year salary210
Fourth year salary235
Fifth year salary260
Sixth year salary280
Seventh year salary300
Eighth year salary315
Ninth year salary
Tenth year salary

Irell & Manella LLP is an American law firm founded in 1941 by lawyers Lawrence E. Irell (1912–2000) and Arthur Manella (1917–1997), and it has since grown to over 220 lawyers. It has two locations in Southern California: Century City and Newport Beach. Irell specializes in intellectual property litigation and general business litigation.[2]

Morgan Chu, one of Irell's attorneys, is the brother of former United States Secretary of Energy Steven Chu.[3][4] The managing partner of the firm is Andrei Iancu. Michael Ermer is the managing partner of the Newport Beach office. Jane Shay Wald is the head of the trademark practice group, and David Siegel is the head of the securities litigation practice group. Former federal judge Layn R. Phillips was a longtime partner at the firm.


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